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Exposé – Corruption in Arizona CPS

A true story of a meticulously-documented, unprecedented government shutdown. A shutdown of a government agency that willfully and actively victimized children and destroyed their families.
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About the Author


The author of this detailed account of corruption in Arizona’s Department of Child Protective Services is law enforcement trained and is recognized as the leading historian and documentarian of this unprecedented government shutdown.

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Chapter 1 

Opening Pandora’s Box

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Chapter 2

Mental Break

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Chapter 3

Tip of the Iceberg

A Community in Crisis

The biggest issue and the root of the culture problems at CPS is the lack of transparency embedded in the organization.

– Kate B. McGee

Caseworkers were handling more than seven times the recommended caseloads and failed to look into more than 6,500 cases of abuse.

– J.B. Wogan

We are through with Band-Aids, and we are through with turning a blind eye. We’ve pulled the scab off and we started fresh.

– Gov. Jan Brewer

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