About Us

We adamantly stand for the family! Additionally, we stand for the right to remain free from dysfunctional government interference – the same interference that caused Governor Brewer to shut down an entire government agency.

We support the rights ensured to us by the greatest constitution the world has to offer.

We remain articulate in our legal basis, wording, and rights. Rights that, all too often, are disregarded by the government set up to serve and protect its citizens.

Ultimately, we preserve history to pay homage to the mass of victims impacted by the Child Protective Service shutdown.

Governor Jan Brewer had to exclude the involvement of other agencies with obligations and proceed with an unprecedented government shutdown of the Arizona Department of Child Protective Services.

With their jobs on the line, whistle-blowing was both discouraged and/or completely out of the question for caseworkers, investigators, evaluators, parental custody judges, attorneys, and law enforcement officers.

It is evident that our child welfare system is broken, impeded by years of structural and operational failures.

 – Governor Jan Brewer

Saving Grace Advocates

Our Mission


To Assist the Children Most Traumatized by CPS Negligence


To Lobby Courts to Proceed with Prosecution of Those Responsible


To Return Both Trust and Confidence to Family Court


To Hold Sever Accountability in order to Dissuade Further Sociopathic Authority


To Protect Families and Their Children from Predators in America's Institutions

Our Allies

Saving Grace Advocates
1) Those willing to donate to and support this cause

2) Those obligated by oath, position, or religion to protect children

Costs to document this historical government tragedy have been excessive. Our personal expenses to fight the powers that continue to victimize our children and their families have exceeded well over $1,000,000 and continue to grow by the day. In order to save face, the state continues to blame the victims at great damage to their reputations and credibility. Any contribution you can make to aid our cause is most appreciated.

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