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Dedicated to bringing action through legal and tangible efforts to protect the children of Arizona & beyond

Saving Grace Advocates

A True Story Documented & Exposed by the Leading Historian of the CPS Shut Down Spearheaded by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

The most extensive investigation of these events in US History

Find detailed accounts of abuse, and neglect including video/audio, transcripts of actual events, eye-witness reports, sworn affidavits, court testimony, court witnesses threatened by gang members, internal recordings of CPS and other agencies, and the violent abuse that their collective negligence perpetuated.

As well, you will see Arizona judges condone this and more in their court proceedings. This is only the tip of the iceberg!

Saving Grace Advocates

About Saving Grace Advocates

We stand for peace and justice, for without justice, there is no peace.

Saving Grace Advocates owns the most extensive documentation of historical facts regarding this unprecedented government shutdown. We represent the American families and stand to hold accountable those who have chosen to do harm under the guise of institutional authority.

This will assist the reader in understanding and absorbing the gravity of why Governor Brewer had no choice but to shut down an entire government agency, and how those in charge continue to perpetuate the horrific circumstances that incentivize profit to destroy American families.

Why We’re Releasing This Info

Historically-documented truth liberates. An informed nation is a healthy nation. The public must stay informed and educated to remain free, especially when there is a real potential to profit from alternative incarceration through process… an incarceration without walls and in name only, called Family Court.

Number 1

The Devil is literally in the details and no question must be left unanswered! To once again sanctify the institution obligated to protect America’s most precious commodity – the family.

Number 2

Pressure through release of investigated facts, drive potential for abuse from the ranks of our institutions, and ensure those responsible for the atrocities are banished from authority.

Number 3

Advance the legal process already in action, and proceed with further legal actions to a world court. We must identify, address, and bring light to the crimes integrated into family courts.

Number 4

We will ensure through the legal process that family courts will forever remain in the service of the family, out of respect for our children. After all, the children are the future of America.


A True Story

The most extensive, historically-documented true story regarding the Arizona CPS shutdown.

A New Hope

Hope for our families through unity in values that promote the health and wellbeing of our children and their future.

Unity Through Adversity

Standing united once again to drive profiteers from family courts; thus returning their credibility and sanctity.

Saving Grace Advocates

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