Before the Call with Detective Pawlick

After gathering a large amount of evidence about the abuse of his child, a concerned father presented said evidence to Detective Pawlick. She had been assigned to the case and was tasked with investigating the allegations of child abuse by the child’s mother.

Some of the evidence included DVD records of the abuse taking place. Evidence of this nature is very difficult to obtain. Additionally, it is rarely available as crimes of this nature are frequently done in hidden areas. However, in this case, they were. Moreover, the abuse had been documented heavily.

After a failure to hear from Detective Pawlick on her ongoing investigation, the concerned parent called to speak with her. He wished to inquire about her progress. Additionally, he wanted to discuss the DVD video evidence he had provided to aid in her investigation. The call occurred on August 8th, 2012.

The Call With Detective Pawlick

The Bad News

After identifying the case number, the father asked Detective Pawlick about a court date which he and his attorney wished to set. However, before he can finish asking about the evidence he had presented, the detective stops him. She then informs him that she has closed the investigation.

Her excuse is that the allegations occurred in Reno, NV. However, this is not the case for the vast majority of the incidences. In fact, only one incident happened in Reno. The others all happened in Arizona, under her jurisdiction.

Detective Pawlick knew this. In fact, she’d been informed many times. This occurred previously, as well as during this recorded call. Additionally, the father references another call. This call was also recorded. Here, he informs her that the cases of abuse did, in fact, occur in Arizona. However, she has no interest in listening and brushes off this information as if it has no impact on the case. No merit.

Pawlick continues to state that the investigation was closed and that the information had been forwarded to the Reno PD. Again, she states that the investigation has been completed. This was the first time the father was informed that the investigation had concluded. Furthermore, it was the first time he was being told the DVD evidence would not be taken into consideration because of Pawlick’s failure to listen to his statements.

Again, the father informs the detected that the DVD video evidence did occur in her jurisdiction. Suddenly, she changes her tune and claims it has “been investigated already.” Then, the father reminds Detective Pawlick that he still had further DVDs he was going to bring down to add to her investigation. Again, she simply states that the case has concluded.

Case Closed

Confused and upset at this news, the father asks how they could have closed the case when there was still evidence to present. However, the detective simply refused to cooperate. Additionally, she begins to deflect the questions and continues to say things like “what can I help you with,” despite knowing full well the topic at hand and the severity of these inquiries.

Finally, Pawlick decides she will bring the call to a close. The father asks her to state for the record that Pawlick is claiming she had closed the investigation and that “you’re saying those incidences did not occur in your jurisdiction.” To this question, Detective Pawlick answers “that’s what I’m saying.” Soon after this exchange, the call ends.

The Aftermath

Detective Pawlick was the first of the investigators to be assigned to this specific case of child abuse. However, she would not be the last. As time would pass, Detective Pawlick would fail to review the DVD evidence. It would sit on her desk, untouched. Later, excuses would be made that her failures to review it were due to a lack of an accessible DVD player – a device that existed in nearly every home and office in the country.

In other words, she ignored vital evidence and closed a case claiming she did not have jurisdiction over the events. However, this was not so. In the future, it would be confirmed by the second investigator, Detective Maldonado, that Detective Pawlick and Maricopa County did have jurisdiction after all. In fact, they had claimed it.

Even more appalling, it would turn out that Pawlick had never forwarded or reviewed any part of the video evidence. In fact, it was reported that the DVDs were seen sitting on her desk in an untouched pile long after the case had closed. As a result of her failings, Pawlick would continue to be a major factor in the allowance of the abuse and neglect of thousands of children for nearly 11 years.

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