A Badgering Call from Jennifer Rubin

The Arizona CPS corruption saga continues. This time, the evidence presented below points out how Arizona attorney Jennifer Rubin threatened and harassed the opposition in order to protect a client who was abusing a child. The documents contained within this article are transcripts of a phone call made by Rubin to the abused child’s father. The call occurred on September 15th, 2011.

The Call Comes In

As always, the father of the abused child recorded all calls for his protection and for introduction as court evidence. During the call initiated by attorney Jennifer Rubin, the concerned father informs her that he is recording the conversation as he always does. Despite claiming that she will discontinue the call, she does just the opposite.

Instead of acting in a professional manner, she chooses to badger the father claiming that he is violating a court order of protection. However, she fails to identify how her wild accusation has any merit. She simply moves on and claims that the father is harassing the abusive mother Rubin is representing.

Soon after, Rubin informs the father that he is only allowed one phone call per day – a fact the father knows, has, and continued to abide by consistently. Then, Rubin accuses the father of following her client. Of hiring someone to track her. She proceeds to do so with no proof at all. Again, she accuses him of violating the order of protection which was brought about due to false allegations filed in an admittedly false police report.

However, Rubin doesn’t stop there. She follows up with threats that she will contact the Arizona police department should he continue to look into the welfare of the child. She does so with the erroneous assumption that the father might “raise a hand, commit an act of domestic violence, or threaten to commit an act of domestic violence.”

Discontinuing The Conversation

At this point, Jennifer Rubin once again claims she will be discontinuing the telephone conversation. However, she continues non the less. At this point, the father mentions how he has been unable to reach his daughter for some time and requests a welfare check. Rubin suggests he contact the Arizona CPS and the police to accomplish this goal. However, we are now aware that the Arizona CPS was completely corrupt. In fact, their corruption ran so deep that the police and judicial system were all conspiring together to maintain their fragile house of cards.

Despite all of this, Rubin continues to threaten the father with legal action for his concern. She continues to claim the order of protection is being violated and to accuse the father of potential acts of violence. Then, Rubin asks the father why he had contacted her originally contacted her in the first place. He notes that his child’s mother had instructed him to do so after she had refused to allow him to see or speak with his daughter. Additionally, the concerned parent states that he believes he may be forced to return to court to address these issues, should they not be handled in a timely manner.

Pay Up!

At this point in the conversation, Jennifer Rubin suddenly makes the claim that the father, who is paying for Rubin to represent his ex, has not been paid in full. Rubin wildly accuses the father of owing her money and wants him to pay up. However, the father insists that all attorneys’ fees have been taken care of. Additionally, he notes he has copies of all the checks and payments.

What does Rubin have to say after that? Unsurprisingly, she back peddles. She admits that she does not know for sure if money is owed. She says she “doesn’t have an accounting” in front of her. Finally, when called out on her inaccuracies, she again changes the subject; dropping the allegations.

I Cannot Speak To You

To end on an even more absurd note, Rubin suddenly decides that she cannot speak to the father directly about these matters. Why? Because she “discovers” that the father maintains legal counsel of his own – attorney Allyson Del Vecchio. This is a suspicious comment, as Rubin is well aware that the father had an attorney of his own. In fact, Rubin had recently been in court with Del Vecchio for reasons related to this very case.

However, she suddenly acts surprised. Then, after threatening the father, she decides that she has an “ethical obligation” to not speak with him. Strange as she had no problem doing so despite knowing that he was already represented and claiming she would discontinue the call twice before. At this point, Rubin realized she is in the wrong, tells the father not to contact her office again, and finally hangs up the phone.

About Jennifer Rubin

Rubin is a family law attorney who practices in the state of Arizona. She purports to specialize in areas of domestic relationships, divorce, and child custody matters. Additionally, she deals in matters of child support, paternity, adoption, and more.

Rubin is a member of the Arizona State Bar, Maricopa County Bar Association, American Bar Association, and Scottsdale Bar Association. Additionally, she is involved in the Family Law Section of each of these associations. She has been practicing in Arizona since 2002 and licensed for over 17 years.

Why was Jennifer Rubin Badgering a Concerned Parent?

According to complaints on Avvo (a website offering client and peer reviews of lawyers), Jennifer Rubin was described by one of her clients as “disorganized” and “unfamiliar with my case.” That client claims Rubin “deliberately misinformed me.” Additionally, her disgruntled client claimed Rubin was “on vacation all the time and caved every time she was confronted by my ex’s lawyer.” Finally, her client noted, “I am still suffering from her bad advice three years later.” Yet again, another unsatisfied client felt Rubin was “very unorganized and careless.” In the end, this client noted “This, among a few other reasons, was why I looked for different representation.”

With complaints of this nature from her clients, is it any wonder that Rubin was recorded badgering the concerned parent of his child? A child who he believed was being physically abused by the mother Rubin was representing and protecting? Would it be surprising for her to display carelessness when discussing this case? To act as if she was unaware the father had retained legal counsel that she was, in fact, aware of? Legal counsel she had just interacted with in court?

With all this in mind, it is quite possible that Jennifer Rubin was also involved in nefarious dealings. She clearly had no qualms about protecting a person who was on record abusing a child. She clearly had no issue threatening a concerned parent who only wanted to ensure the safety of his daughter. Yet, she purports to be on the side of the child… a child she knowingly allowed to suffer. A child she knowingly allowed to continue to suffer abuse and torture.

Important Details of Note

1) This was an incoming call from attorney Jennifer Rubin.
2) Attorneys representing both sides were recently in court just prior to this call.
3) Rubin waited until after she threatened the opposing client before asking about representation. However, she was clearly aware this relationship existed.
4) Badgering by Rubin occured after her client had gone on record:

  • threatened to break the legs of a court’s witness – a class 6 Felony;
  • recruited a Neo-Nazi gang member to threaten a court witness, a class 4 Felony, with physical violence;
  • had admittedly filed a false police report, a class 6 Felony, to obtain a restraining order; and
  • lied under oath claiming she was being threatened (despite recordings proving the contrary)

5) Rubin, knowing these facts, takes the opportunity to call opposition Ex-Parti and threaten and harass the father; another attorney’s client.
6) Most importantly, calls to CPS were backed up with recordings of the torture and abuse of a child.

* Update * – 08/25/20

At this point, you think Jennifer Rubin would have learned her lesson. However, this is not the case. This week, we received a threatening call from her. Of course, she was not pleased to see the evidence mounting against her. As a result, she threatened legal action if we didn’t remove this information. We will not be silenced!

Jennifer Rubin has no case against us, as everything we have published is a fact. As such, published facts (which have been meticulously recorded and documented prove everything we have stated in this info dump. Additionally, the first amendment and the Supreme Court protect the release of such information into the public sphere. Consequently, she has no case.

However, she certainly has something to fear. And we don’t blame her for wanting to retaliate and squash this as quickly as possible. She was informed that her conversation would be recorded for court and that the call would be used on the record. However, against her own better judgment, she continued the call where she threatened a court witness.

Our evidence proves our statements as clearly as possible. Judge Sheldon was given this evidence and it has been submitted and entered into legal court docs. There is nothing she can do… besides try to badger the witness AGAIN into backing down. Again, we will not allow this to happen.

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