As Governor Brewer’s Leading Historians on the closure of Arizona Child Protection Services, representatives from Saving Grace Advocates have submitted more related “Hard Evidence” than the Superior Court has ever seen, inside or outside of the Court System. Notably, our founder is also a “Material Witness” against John Scialli. It is our belief that no other case in the United States currently exists that deserves more attention and focus than this one does.

The information that follows was submitted to the AZ Medical Board in March of 2022.

John Scialli Admits to Criminal Wrongdoing in Court

Beginning August 19th through the 21st of 2019, in the Superior Court, John Scialli testified, under cross-examination conducted by Attorney Michael Shew (1 of 15 specialists in the State regarding this type of case). John Scialli, under Oath, confessed that He should be turned over to the Medical Board for His actions, incompetence, and willful disregard of the Facts.

In other words, Scialli is perfectly aware of the egregious acts he committed. If he wasn’t cognizant while perpetrating his transgressions, he’s had time to mull it over and came to the conclusion that he’s the people who relied on him the most while engaging in nefarious activities. But let’s be real here. The bottom line is that John Scialli is a self-admitted criminal guilty of, but not limited to, a Class 4 Felony. Additionally, he is further complicit in facilitating a historically-documented, court-vetted “Act Of Terrorism” backed with audio/video recorded evidence.

Backing of a Terrorist Organization

In Court testimony and deposition, [NAME REDACTED] admitted that she conspired with a known member of a Terrorist Organization with the intention of threatening a Superior Court Witness. Why? The Witness was turning over Hard Evidence of child torture to Arizona CPS. Scialli was instrumental in allowing these acts to take place. In fact, he further testified to destroying evidence he was under contract to preserve & protect. However, because of the investigative care of Saving Grace Advocates, evidence survived showing John Scialli complicit in this “Act Of Terrorism”.

Furthermore, John not only knew of the recorded horrors occurring but knew that the Superior Court Witness was being threatened by these Terrorist Gang Members. Additionally, John was also aware of perjured police reports, which directly resulted in Restraining Orders imposed on the witness solely to cause further and wrongful duress.

Abuse of Power & Position

Meanwhile, other recordings and transcripts passed on to John Scialli, showed other aggravating circumstances including children suffering life-threatening drug overdoses. John was specifically aware of these facts, and yet, he used His position to aid and abet the continued Horrors & Terrorism taking place under his watch. Taking advantage of his position and the court’s trust, John covertly ensured and encouraged the wrongful sanctioning, fining, and striping victims of any safe harbor whatsoever.

Interested parties need only Google “Saving Grace Advocates Leg Break Threat”. This is a publication of vetted Court Evidence, showing a class 4 Felony and Act of Terrorism in the now Defrocked Judge John Rea’s Court. Ex-Judge Rea appealed the decision and lost. Though John Scialli is not directly mentioned in the publication of this specific Court Evidence, He is by record directly complicit & responsible for its pathology violating the Tenants of National Security.

Since Governor Brewer’s closure of Child Protection Services, at least 5 other Superior Court Judges have been Defrocked. The very significant “Fall Out” continues into the present time. As such, this monumentally fiendish criminal must be removed by the Medical Board via obligation to our public safety needs.

Decisive Action Must Be Taken

The toxic nature of CPS and the crimes committed on their watch continue to wreak havoc on the children & families of Arizona. Like a contaminated stream, this deadly mixture of negligence and outright criminality still runs through related institutions and has yet to be cleaned up. It has not been addressed and destroys both good & bad without discrimination.

It is necessary, in order to restore Public Safety & Trust, that the Poison known as John Scialli be removed from the Well so that they may begin to recover, both mentally and physically.

Ultimately, a Grand Jury must be convened to jurisprudentially account for his victims so he may be brought to justice and the healing process can begin. In doing so, the State will be granted the option to separate itself from the Bad Actors causing this National embarrassment. Finally, they’ll have the chance to absolve themselves of their sins and cast off the shameful reputation that has overtaken a once noble institution.

Help Us Fight the Good Fight

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Please help us fight Arizona CPS corruption. We must bring justice to the families and children who have suffered at their hands. Thank you for your continued support and contributions.

Saving Grace Advocates

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