John Rea Suddenly Retiring?

Well, it appears that Judge John Rea is suddenly retiring. And quite out of nowhere it would seem. As far as we’ve been made aware, Rea intends to retire within the next 30 days. In fact, his announcement to retire from his judicial position has been so shocking it is assumed by some that he was likely forced into early retirement. At least, that’s the word on the street. However, at this point in time, we are unable to verify that as fact. If it were true, it wouldn’t surprise us.

The “Honorable” Judge John Rea

Judge John Rea is a judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court Family Division. Rea ran for re-election for judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona. Astonishingly, he won in the general retention on November 6, 2018, just two years ago. The information below was pulled directly from the official website of the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Assignment History:

Department: Family Court
Year: 6/2019
Location: Northeast Regional Court Center
Department: Criminal
Year: 6/2015
Location: Phoenix
Department: Civil Presiding Judge
Year: 1/2013
Location: Phoenix
Department: Family Court Associate Presiding Judge
Year: 7/2007
Location: Phoenix
Department: Family Court
Year: 9/2005
Location: Phoenix
Department: Family Court
Year: 9/2004
Location: Southeast Facility in Mesa

Work History:

2004 – Present: Judge, Superior Court in Maricopa County 
1997 – 2004: Deputy Chief Staff Attorney, Supreme Court of Arizona 
1984 – 1996: Staff Attorney, Supreme Court of Arizona 
1978 – 1983: Attorney , Private practice 
1977 – 1978: Law Clerk, Arizona Court of Appeals Judge William E. Eubank 


  • J.D., 1977, University of Arizona
  • Bachelor’s degree, 1974, Kansas State University
  • Bachelor’s degree, 1973, Manhattan Christian College


  • Adjunct Professor at ASU College of Law – Civil Clinic, Mediation Clinic, and Lawyering Theory and Practice
  • Past Member, Editorial Board, State Bar of Arizona’s Arizona Attorney
  • Past faculty member, Arizona Appellate Institute

It looks like Rea has the credentials to perform his job well. However, he doesn’t appear to take his position seriously. He plays fast and loose with the law. In the end, he’s gotten away with doing whatever he wants and using his influence as a judge to hold tight to his power. Lucky for the children of Arizona, that power may be fading as he is exposed for the fraud that he is.

Judge John Rea

Rea’s Failure to Act and the Resulting Consequences

In regards to the case we’ve been reporting on for the past six months, Judge John Rea’s involvement and his poor decisions have made life hell for those involved. While we’ve only spent six months releasing information, Judge Rea has spent over a decade destroying the lives of both the father and the child he fought so hard to protect.

As you’ll recall from the leg break incident, the child’s mother was caught lying multiple times in court. Additionally, it was proven that she had allowed children in the household to overdose on drugs, was physically abusing her daughter, and allowed a Nazi to threaten a court witness. Meanwhile, Judge Rea allowed all this to continue. In fact, he fined the father over $20,000 for his continued attempts to rescue his child from this situation. In the end, Rea successfully drained close to $500,000 from the father between court costs, legal counsel, etc.

Clearly, Judge John Rea is guilty of depriving the father of his rights under the color of law. Rea continues to use and abuse his power as a legal official to threaten and punish a court witness for attempting to expose one of many cases of corruption in the Arizona legal system. Instead of using his power for good and taking his responsibilities to uphold the constitution seriously, he spits in the face of justice. Judge Rea continues to deprive citizens of their rights and. He does whatever he can to shut them up. Meanwhile, he hides behind the laws and government bodies meant to protect those very freedoms.

Where We Are Today

So, here we are… in November of 2020. Well over 10 years later. The father’s daughter is now a young teenager. Meanwhile, she has developed Stockholm Syndrome and is now being removed from the state of Arizona. While Judge John Rea has the ability to stop the mother from uprooting the family and demanding they stay in the state until the case is closed, Rea chooses to remain silent.

For now, Rea has 30 days left to make a call on the case. He still has jurisdiction. However, those days are running out quickly. When that time comes and Rea retires, the father will likely lose any ability to keep his daughter safe. Her mother will be allowed to flee the state, despite her continued parental access interference, abuse, and neglect.

Meanwhile, despite mountains of court evidence, the father is told that authorities simply “can’t intervene if a crime hasn’t been committed.” They are apparently moving to Pennsylvania. However, their particular whereabouts will be unknown. The father may be unable to track his daughter down until she turns 18. With the way her mother has taken care of her in the past, who knows if his daughter will last until then.

To this day, all efforts by Governor Jan Brewer to shut down CPS and reform Arizona’s Department of Child Safety have been for nothing. There is no justice. There is no happy ending. Criminals and corruption continue to run wild in Arizona. They continue to run wild all over the nation. Meanwhile, children and families continue to suffer at the hands of people like Judge John Rea.

About Saving Grace Advocates

Saving Grace Advocates is a child advocacy organization dedicated to exposing the corruption of the Arizona CPS and judicial system. Along with these corrupt organizations, our goal is to hold the guilty parties accountable for their actions and inactions. Consequently, this includes police, child care workers, lawyers, and judges like John Rea.

We adamantly stand for the family! Additionally, we stand for the right to remain free from dysfunctional government interference. This same interference caused Governor Jan Brewer to finally shut down an entire government agency.

Ultimately, we preserve history to pay homage to the victims impacted by the Child Protective Service shutdown. It is our mission to ensure that the children of Arizona and beyond are properly protected. Additionally, we aim to help families who have been impacted. Finally, it’s our hope that they’re able to heal and that the perpetrators of these atrocities are brought to justice.

Help Us Fight the Good Fight

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