In 2015, long-standing Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt announced her retirement from the Maricopa County Superior Court bench effective March 31st. This ended her 20-year judicial career with the Maricopa County Superior Court, where, according to the Superior Court’s website she “served in the Family, Criminal and Civil Departments of the Court” and “served in leadership as the Presiding Judge of Family Court”, undertaking “numerous projects designed to improve court processes and the lives of litigants.”

The Not So Honorable Judge

According to sources online, Carey Snyder Hyatt seemed to be a model judge. One who cared for the community and supported just causes. However, we would soon find out that was far from the truth. Unfortunately, like most coverups, little information has gotten out publicly about her true intentions, her allegiance to injustice, and her role as a self-appointed guardian of the status quo.

In fact, Snyder, like so many other high-ranking officials in Arizona, was linked in her own way to the 2014 CPS shutdown that rocked the nation. It is interesting to note that she “retired” in 2015 which was just enough time for her crimes to be brought to light and yet, just enough time to weasel out of the limelight and dip out before her name was publicly smeared.

Who Replaced Hyatt?

After Hyatt left the bench in 2015 (along with fellow judge Brian Ishikawa), Laura Reckart and Ted Campagnolo were appointed to the Maricopa County Superior Court in their places.

An interesting fact about this appointment was the person who determined which judge would fill Hyatt’s position when the position was left vacant. It was none other than Doug Ducey, the Governor of Arizona who Replaced Jan Brewer and whose administration was placed under investigation by the FBI for mass fraud just 2 years later. He was charged with mismanagement of large amounts of funds and it was uncovered that he had ties to child trafficker Paul Peterson.

Let’s Delve In, Shall We?

Before we explore her affiliations with this terrible black mark on Arizona’s history, let’s explore Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt, her career, and her public-facing image. Only then can we see her underhanded nature and how she allowed Arizona’s children to be harmed and exploited throughout her career.

About Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt

The following information below was pulled from Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt’s profile on the Padish Law Group website:

“Judge Hyatt’s judicial experience encompassed assignments in Criminal and Civil Court, including a total of ten years in Family Court, where she served three years as Presiding Family Court Judge. Prior to her service as a judge and court commissioner, Judge Hyatt was a criminal staff attorney for the Arizona Court of Appeals, a Deputy Maricopa County Attorney, and an Assistant District Attorney for Queens County, New York. During her judicial career, Judge Hyatt presided over several of Maricopa County’s Problem-Solving Courts, including the Drug and DUI Courts, Domestic Violence Court, Mental Health Court, and Family Drug Court.

She served on several statewide committees, including the Committee on the Superior Court and the Committee on the Impact of Domestic Violence and the Courts, and Maricopa County committees, including serving as co-chair of the Specialty Courts Committee and as liaison to the Family Court Behavioral Health Committee. Since her retirement from the bench in 2015, Judge Hyatt has served as a private mediator, parenting coordinator, and family law master in nearly 200 cases, resolving more than 90% of the cases brought to her.”

– Padish Law Group –

Areas of Practice

  • Mediation
  • Family Law Special Master

Judicial Experience

  • Judge, Maricopa County Superior Court, 2000-2015
  • Commissioner, Maricopa County Superior Court, 1995-2000
  • Judge Pro Tempore, Phoenix Municipal Court, 1994-1995
  • Judge Pro Tempore, Scottsdale City Court, 1994-1995

Honors and Awards

  • Bridging the Gap Award, Maricopa County Bar Association, Family Law Section, 2015
  • Judge of the Year Award, Arizona Family Support Council Award, 2013
  • Distinguished Service Award, Maricopa County Superior Court Drug Court Program, 2009
  • Law-Related Education Award, Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education, 1992

Professional Memberships

  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Arizona Judges Association
  • Arizona Women Lawyers Association
  • Maricopa County Bar Association
  • Scottsdale Bar Association

Court Admissions

  • Arizona, 1986
  • New York, 1986
  • Missouri, 1999


  • J.D., St. John’s University, 1985
  • B.S. Marketing, Arizona State University, 1976

Community Leadership

  • Sober Living Communities/New Journey: Board Member, 2008-present; Vice President, 2011-2018
  • Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals: Board Member, 2014-present; President, 2015-2016
  • Friends of the Court, Inc.: Board Member, 2015-present
  • Arizona Association of Family and Conciliation Courts: Board Member, 2010-2016

The Real Carey Snyder Hyatt

Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt appears to have quite a long list of credentials. She seems like the kind of person who could be an asset to the community and a fighter for justice. However, that does not always appear to be the case. We must dig deeper to find see who Snyder really is.

Disposition of Complaint against Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt
Hyatt Reprimanded

Judge Cary Hyatt Reprimanded in 2009

A document (Disposition of Complaint 08-302) unearthed from the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct shows Judge Hyatt was reprimanded for violating the Codes of Judicial Conduct on June 24th, 2009. The complaint was filed by a woman by the name of Elizabeth Reeter. According to the document, after reviewing “the evidence gathered during the preliminary investigation, and the judge’s response, the commission finds that the judge’s conduct, in this case, violated the Code of Judicial Conduct.”

Apparently, Hyatt broke a code referred to as Canon 3B(4) which requires that a judge be patient, dignified, and courteous to litigants. However, according to Elizabeth Reeter and the Arizona Commission of Judicial Conduct, Hyatt failed to do so. The document goes on to state that during the hearing Hyatt became angry with the complainant and told her to change her attitude, stating, ‘I am the judge!’, while warning the complainant that “she would not be able to present her evidence if her attitude did not change.

The document states that even though Hyatt appeared apologetic about her unsavory behavior and treatment of Reeder, her conduct was horribly unprofessional and unacceptable. Accordingly, Hyatt was “hereby reprimanded for her conduct pursuant to Rule 17(a).”

The Details of the Complaint

Curious that Snyder Hyatt exposed her self-important inclinations here and talked down to a woman she was charged with assisting. Even more interesting is that Elizabeth Reeder’s case was related to a case with a child involved – the exact problem Hyatt would have later down the road.

According to the complaint filed, in August of 2008, Elizabeth Reeter went into Hyatt’s courtroom attempting to represent her child’s best interests and Hyatt became hostile towards her. Hyatt dismissed the evidence as “not relevant and dismissed Reeter’s concerns about her child claiming Reeter was “not a trained psychologist”. Additionally, Hyatt brought Reeter’s parental credibility into question and accused Reeter of “being a judge shopper” and “a liar”.

Later, Hyatt accused Reeter of harassing the court clerk, simply for requesting the documents she needed in order to keep up with her case and ensure the wellbeing of her child. Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt continued to accuse her of various unfounded claims in a highly unprofessional manner. Again, Hyatt made it clear that she would not listen to anything Reeter had to say and would not accept any evidence presented. Hyatt was intent on making it nearly impossible for reunification to take place and for Reeter to remain as an emotional hostage with her child’s life and future in limbo.

What Did Judge Hyatt Have to Say For Herself?

When asked to explain herself to the board, Carey Snyder Hyatt admitted that she had no excuse for her actions. She admitted that she was not “prepared for the high levels of emotion that are routinely displayed by the families in conflict” and that there was “no excuse” for “having raised my voice in annoyance” at Ms. Reeter in her time of desperation and need.

You can tell from her language that she obviously didn’t believe what she was saying. That’s typical passive aggression at play… plain as day. Either way, she made her insincere apology to the court and as a result, was at least recognized by the court as having acted in an inappropriate manner.

What Does This Tell Us About Judge Hyatt?

If Judge Snyder Hyatt acted like this to one woman who was thankfully brave enough to report it, it’s reasonable to assume she did this more than once. After all, it’s very rare somebody gets caught “the first time” they do something shady.

Think of a thief who gets caught for shoplifting and claims they are “sorry.” Or think of that show with Chris Hansen, To Catch a Predator, where the men looking to start illegal relationships with young teens claim it’s their first time and begin apologizing profusely. They’re not sorry. They’re sorry they got caught. There’s a difference and it’s quite reasonable to assume the same is true of Judge Hyatt’s half-hearted apology.

Interesting Financial Findings

Pandemic Paycheck Protection Program Funding

Despite a long career as a Judge and a current career as a lawyer (both well-paying careers), it seems she felt the need to claim some extra funds during the COVID-19 Pandemic. According to public PPP loan data found at, Hyatt received over $35,000 in total of Coronavirus government assistance funds, all of which were likely forgiven) between 2020 and 2021. She was able to do so by claiming the need to make payroll for the company “Carey Snyder Hyatt PLLC” which may very well be a legal entity consisting only of herself.

That’s an impressive amount of money, considering she must have a solid amount saved up from such an illustrious government and private career. However, it’s no surprise she would take advantage of these funds, whether necessary or not. After all, it’s a well-known fact that the program was abused and many high-profile companies with one employee received funds that were needed more by small businesses suffering true hardship.

Now if for some reason she did need the funds or did have other employees under her who needed to remain employed, then we do not begrudge her for doing so and utilizing this program to keep her staff from financial ruin. We hope that’s the case but it’s quite possible that went straight into her pocket.

Carey Snyder Hyatt PLLC PPP screen capture

The Article by “MSwim”

Another interesting finding about Hyatt is a long article about Hyatt released March 7th, 2010 titled “Judge Carey Hyatt Should Not Be Reelected! Arizona Superior Court Judge Election 2010“. In this 8-page document, the author goes over a number of reasons why Hyatt is unfit for the office of Judge. Interestingly, the author even refers to the case involving Ms. Reeter mentioned above, again verifying that the incident caused Judge Hyatt’s reprimand.

We detailed and summarized some of that document’s highlights below. Read the full PDF documents written by author MSwim using the link above.

Summary of the Article

Judge Hyatt Loses Her Temper Yet Again

In the article, author MSwim makes a case that Judge Carey Hyatt should not be reelected to her position due to a host of complaints, personal experiences, and observations during the trial. MSwim claims “Judge Carey Hyatt was rude, angry and agitated”, often yelling at those who were testifying and calling them liars outright. What is this Judge Judy? Here we are again with her losing her temper, and as we noted above, it’s no surprise someone who got caught and reprimanded for her behavior had been doing it before.

She’d probably been getting away with this type of misconduct for years before anyone called her on it. And considering how officials are protected and things like this are swept under the rug or conveniently left off the radar, it’s fair to assume this is simply how she treats people. This isn’t TV. It’s real life. This isn’t a show. People’s lives are on the line. And if Carey Hyatt acted this way, intimidating people and dismissing anything at a whim, how are we supposed to take her seriously? Quite honestly there’s little reason to do so at this point.

The author notes that they witnessed this abhorrent behavior in a family divorce case where one might expect a judge to show patience, leadership, and understanding. To keep her cool and keep the family unit in mind while listening to the details of the case. However, we know family isn’t important to Carey Hyatt. Children aren’t important to Hyatt. At least it doesn’t seem that way, considering the information we can gather about her. And it appears that she chose intimidation… lashing out… flinging insults. Hyatt chose to show her true colors. And in a way, it’s refreshing to see people for who they truly are, as disturbing as it can be at times. At least in moments like this, you know who you’re up against.

Racial Profiling & Racism Allegations

According to the author, they have no doubt in their mind of “Judge Hyatt being racist,” and that she is someone who “needs some anger management therapy.”  Additionally, the author cites Ms. Reeder who stated “I feel she racially profiled me from the minute I walked into her courtroom.”  It’s hard to know for sure if that was the case and only Hyatt knows what’s in her heart for sure, but again, it’s not hard to believe she profiled people in one way or another. Lord knows it wouldn’t be out of the question.

Next, swim returns to discussing the case they were in attendance for – a very similar one at that. In a large quote from the author, MSwim claims that:

“On cross-examination by the opposing attorney, the non-white, minority litigant was asked to confirm his past employment, achievements, and wages. Up to this point Judge Hyatt seemed to be very bored with the trial and hardly looked at the litigants. Everything changed, though, as soon as she heard the opposing attorney reading the list of educational and professional achievements obtained by the minority litigant.

Judge Hyatt raised her head and look at the minority litigant with such an expression of surprise and contempt on her face. As the list of achievements went on and on, Judge Hyatt seemed to become more surprised and angrier. She acted as if a minority could never deserve educational and professional success, no matter how hard the person worked for their success. From then on, Judge Hyatt was also constantly angry, rude, and unprofessional, toward the minority.”

Negative Reviews of Hyatt Mysteriously Disappear

So here’s where things get fun. In their article, MSwim quotes a number of negative reviews pulled from The Robing Room – a site specifically dedicated to “Judging Judges”. However, upon going to the link provided to verify the comments, there was nothing there. The link was dead!

Strange, right? A link that showed a number of complaints lodged against Hyatt were missing? Why her? No profile, no reviews, nothing. We couldn’t even find the cited reviews by performing additional searches on outside sources, just in case they had been moved to a different URL. However, that didn’t stop us from trying one last thing. And luckily, we found them!

Server Error looking into Judge Hyatt's reviews
Screenshot of “Server Error” looking into Judge Hyatt’s reviews on The Robing Room website (

The Wayback Machine Shows Hyatt’s True Colors

Thanks to a very handy tool called the Wayback Machine which archives the entire internet, preserving things that once were lost… or buried. Again, why is it that all of her reviews on this site AND her profile mysteriously disappeared? Is it possible the site was hacked? That they lost track of the info? That they decided to remove it themselves? Or is it possible it was taken down due to threats of legal action and intimidation? We suppose any of these are possible, but given what we know, we need not say which opinion we have.

Anyhow, thanks in part to the Wayback Machine’s record of the site, we were able to pull up Judge Carey Hyatt’s profile & review portal on The Robing Room – a damning relic lost to time and one Hyatt may have thought had been scrubbed from the internet for good. But she doesn’t know how good we are at digging and gathering what little info remains. Did she think she was going to get away with hiding these reviews? If so, she should have tried harder!

The Robing Room Carey Hyatt profile uncovered
Uncovered profile from The Robing Room website

How People Really Feel About Carey Hyatt

Recovering Robing Room Reviews

Honestly, we were shocked to see just how many bad reviews were hidden in this lost piece of internet history. After all, MSwim’s article only cited 8 and we figured that was going to be it. We were wrong. We’re not going to cite 8. We’re going to show them all. And they’re not just from litigants who’ve had bad experiences with Judge Hyatt. Lawyers and court staff also commented on her erratic behavior and unprofessional conduct.

This is not an isolated incident and we can’t let this information be lost to time. The people must know who they’re dealing with and what others experienced, and we want to ensure this information never gets lost again.

With that, here are some of the reviews below cited in MSwim’s article and available as screenshots from the last date of index on September 6th, 2015.

Read the Robing Room Reviews Yourself

Criminal Defense Lawyer Commenter #AZ1245

“Beware! This woman now works with Forensic Counseling and Evaluations, owned by David Weinstocks. They do mental health evaluations, court interventionist’s, advisor’s, etc…The whole Maricopa superior court is one big inbred circus. Do your homework, use the internet, and find the connections. She also goes by the name Carey Stokes.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ1154

“This woman has ruined the lives of many children and families. I see that she has now retired —that is a blessing. I hope not for physical reasons, but anyone who says”a good rating for every bad” did not read the ratings! Sadly she is incompetent and I think dangerous in that she is nice to one side for one time, then totally changes sides again, causing much damage in her wake. Rejoicing that she is not on that bench anymore.

Does she not realize that she is held to a higher standard? Our case has been a circus, with callouts coming from the “audience” and she evidently enjoys it. Such a sad waste and so much pain in our family’s life.”

Litigant Commenter #AZ1153

“As for the comment of Litigant Comment #AZ758 —– No not all lost their children leave a comment. I know a lot of litigants that still have their children and still had the worst time with her. I am one…

After HYATT graduated a drug and alcoholic abuser (months before graduation, the drug and alcoholic abuser was arrested for domestic violence), HYATT didnt have any regard for the drug and alcoholic abuser’s recent arrest. Since the graduation of the drug and alcoholic abuser, the drug and alcoholic abuser has drank and been arrested for PUBLIC INTOXICATION, even though HYATT was made know of the drug and alcoholic abuser’s lies and deception.

The drug and alcoholic abuser will soon lose [control] of their little time that they have with their children completely, however, HYATT made sure that the drug and alcoholic abuser still had unsupervised visits with their children, even though HYATT knew of an open CPS case against this drug and alcoholic abuser…. HYATT has NO REGARDS for the safety of children. Oh and this drug and alcoholic abuser.. is a MALE… HYATT is very easily tricked by a good laugh and charm… wolf underneath a sheep’s skin for sure.”

1 star Reviews of Judge Hyatt

Unspecified Commenter #AZ999

“Hyatt is ignorant and biased. She makes up her own rules and leaves reason and accountability by the wayside. Most certainly leans in favor of the mother regardless of how much evidence as well as the volumes the mother’s actions speak.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ998

“I can not express enough what damage this woman has done. She took the word of a bipolar ex-mother in law with one conversation and flipped five years of lies and drama caused to my children. The evidence clearly showed the lack of involvement from the father and with the children willing to speak to her about the worst possible situations they have been placed in, the stress they have endured and lack of involvement for the adulterous party involved. I find her to be hateful, I mean truly a hateful individual and with no regards to proof presented to her. I am at a loss for words for what she has done.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Litigant Commenter #AZ758

“So I visited this site when I saw that Hon. Carey Hyatt was assigned to my emergency custody hearing. After reading the reviews I was scared to death. After two hearings with Judge Hyatt, I’ve come away incredibly impressed with her knowledge and advanced decision-making skills (she obviously made a ruling in my favor).

I then realized that the folks leaving these terrible reviews probably lost and then went crying to this forum to get back at Judge Hyatt for ruining their lives (as if this site matters at all). Just think, for every upset person ranting about Hyatt there is another person who she ruled favorably for.”

Rare Positive Review of Judge Hyatt

Unspecified Commenter #AZ733

Voted Hyatt out today! She has no business in family court. She has damaged families and innocent children’s lives. I have watched her in several cases forget what she had said in previouse hearings and contradicts herself and her decisions. She brought her experience in “drug court” to “family court” and has had parents jumping through hoops of fire just to please her which in turn jeopardized the parents health and violates the privacy between the parent and their physician. She feels she can diagnose individuals as drug addicts rather then leaving it up to the physician who received the years of education receiving their earned title as a doctor.

This woman has had no education rather then a bacharlors degree having nothing to do with law or health care. I have never witnessed such a disgrace to the AZ justice system. I pray this woman is out this next term and moves back to NY. Our families and CHILDREN deserve so much more then a vindictive, uneducated, biased judge. How does this woman sleep at night without any remorse for the childrens lives she ruined.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ720

“Hyatt is the absolute worst. A person can’t get any worse if they prayed for worse. Seriously something needs to be done about this woman before she not only destroys the lives of kids but takes their parent’s sanity away from you them.

I can’t imagine looking at all the reviews on here and nothing has been done about this woman what is the purpose of reviews if nothing is going to be done about her behavior. She is super annoying and degrading, I have proof to prove everything in my case but because she did not review the case as she should have she began automatically degrading me and my attorney. She is unjust, unfair and rude. If-0 could be found at the end of the planet Mars this us were she should be! How do top notch attorneys ,litigants and criminal defense lawyers all say the same thing yet she still sits there on the bench.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ710

“As the non-contested party, and seeing many judges in our custody matter Hyatt is very biased. She gave the defendant unsupervised visits even though 4 months prior the FC judge specifically set supervised visits for the safety of the children. even though the defendant only had 4 supervised visits. then Hyatt ordered that DEF. have an add’l hours b4 any evidential hearing was made in front of FC. FC judge ordered that based on DEF psychological and mental issues that needed to be addressed in trial, that HYATT was NOT to add any more visiting time to DEF.

B4 the TRIAL happened and Once that FC judge rotated out and we got a new FC judge in, HYATT sent an email directly to the NEW judge asking to give her and the DRUG COURT back the right to add additional time to DEF visitation – EVEN THOUGH CPS TESTIFIED IN COURT JUST MONTHS BEFORE STATING THAT DEF SHOULD ONLY HAVE UNSUPERVISED VISITS AND OTHER PROOF OF DOCUMENTATION THAT SHOWS ABUSE FROM DEF. HYATT has railroaded the non-conts. party and has sided only for the DEF and not showing any backbone… HYATT is NOT in the best interest of children, only for the paycheck she receives for any “completed” DEF THAT RUNS THROUGH THE PROGRAM.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Litigant Commenter #AZ702

“As a party in a law case, I am willing to abide by whatever the judge deems “fair” I am a professional woman as well and am so very discouraged by this judge’s actions and mostly her “non-action”. During a 3 minute (by the clock) “review hearing”, this judge un-did what my atty and I have worked on for over 3 yrs. Upon asking a follow-up question, this judge HUNG UP ON US mid-sentence!!!

How can the public trust our system when the ones we rely on to make a fair decision, are moody, caustic in their verbiage, and unwilling to address which direction a case is going? How does this judge maintain her position?? My attorney is filing a formal complaint with the court. A decision is one thing, rudeness and “arbitrary” decisions made in haste followed by a quick “hang acceptable.

If this is what our young adults are seeing in the courts, our future is a scary place, as they will never respect an entity that will not even acknowledge their issues before hanging up her phone. I wish my atty had never agreed to a phone follow-up, thought it was easier, less costly. Please, someone do something about this judge–it is the strong belief by this writer that Hyatt has some deep-seated, emotional issues that are dramatically impacting her ability to serve in any way.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Criminal Defense Lawyer Commenter #AZ678

“I have never witnessed a judge act with as much confusion as judge Hyatt. She forgets which side is there for what reason, she had to leave the courtroom last hearing to make copies of a letter that no one received a copy of, then gave us just a couple minutes to digest a complete assessment from a psychology intern. This intern made blatantly false statements, his letter was co-signed by his mentor, who we have never even met! If this matter were not so serious to me and to our family, I would think it was some sick joke played, with a camera crew coming out any second!

Judge Hyatt is angry most all of the time, and is belittling to both sides with comments such as “I do not feel you are credible” What? I just swore under oath, does that count for nothing? Overall, I cannot imagine that other families are not as frustrated and sickened by the uneducated attitude of this judge. I am not a psychiatrist but am in the medical field, and I would place a cash bet that this woman is bipolar – all of the signs present. There needs to be some kind of formal investigation.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Litigant Commenter #AZ677

“I have had the opportunity to be in front of a few different judges. I did not always get the outcome that I wanted, but I always knew that what transpired was justice, even if I didn’t like it. With Judge Snyder-Hyatt, I have witnessed her change her mind mid-sentence! I am not an attorney, but I am a well-educated woman and do a lot of research before I walk into the courtroom. I’ve witnessed judge Hyatt become seemingly confused, always changing her mood depending on which side was speaking. I may take something to court to get the “right” answer. In judge Hyatt’s court, the answer is the one she feels compelled to decide at the moment.

Multiple times I have attempted to Appeal an order only to learn from the Appeals Court that she never signed the original order!! Then I was “punished” for not complying when I had no chance to appeal, which is my right. I do not know how this woman sits where she does and is allowed to wreak havoc on so many families’ lives as she does. If our case is any example of how she conducts anything, I am here to say that this judge had to have “slipped in” unnoticed. I cannot fathom who would appoint her knowing her unpredictable behavior, her outrage and humiliating comments. As a society, we take things to court to have them settled amicably.

In judge Hyatt’s court, nothing is amicable. A therapist that this judge assigned our family to wrote a letter to the court with blatant lies! Judge Hyatt made her decision off of the comments of a psychology student who had never once been led by his “mentor”, as is the protocol. I began to ask a question re: this, and this judge hung up the phone on me! Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.

I am researching who is responsible for appointing this judge and what the criteria are for an appointment. Judge Hyatt’s actions give a sour “taste” to anyone who has to be in front of her for anything. I never intend to judge anyone’s mental behavior, but hers is out of line with any other person, especially a judge: always erratic, always emotional, and always belittling—sometimes to me, sometimes to the opposing side–but that does not give me pleasure – I only want justice, not rock throwing.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ676

“If you have been to court and asked a question you have probably heard “I can not give you any legal advice you will have to consult your attorney”. You would hear this from the counter clerks, the help desk, and any judge every single time you ask a question.

Hon. Carey Hyatt makes up her own rules. IN FACT, she finds it appropriate to point out a parents RIGHTS… Let me rephrase that.. She ORDERS, on paper, that a parent will have the right to file for child support if they do not act within an already unreasonable amount of time as a manipulative tactic to financially encourage the other party through fear of the other parent coming for child support rather than acting as a parent and doing it for your child. Thank you for informing, oh sorry, ORDERING that a parent has the RIGHT to file a petition.

Do not know what we would have done without Hyatt giving us permission to do so. If the father was in the same shoes that mother was right now he would be hung out to dry and paying a mortgage if not serving jail time. Instead, he is paying for his EX WIFE of 10 YEARS’ THERAPY after having a court-appointed advisor, CPS, a child’s counselor, and MOUNDS of evidence that mother had endangered child’s life and completely abandoned him for 6 months at the time and now on a 14 MONTH HIATUS and avoiding the Therapeutic Interventionist that was ordered in OCTOBER of 2013!!!!

Not very fair and based on the last orders, very unprofessional. The system, for fathers at least, is nothing but a hypocrisy and it is DISGUSTING what the child and the father in this situation need to endure while mother is cradled by ‘Your Honor’.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ675

“In my many observations of Judge Hyatt, it is ever present that there are serious issues that should be addressed with her conduct and candor not only as the presiding family court judge but as a representative of our judicial system and our state. It has been observed Judge Hyatt demean and humiliates both sides of family litigation which is completely unnecessary when dealing with such a sensitive subject as divorce and custody. Judge Hyatt has allowed several onlookers/excessive family members crowd the courtroom during trial which turned a respectful courtroom into a three-ring circus.

Judge Hyatt has been observed stopping a trial while a witness is on the stand and hearing another case over the phone while everyone in the courtroom could hear the details of the case on the conference call ( which in fact had detailed information regarding alleged sexual abuse). It has been observed her ruling on a case and a month later she was unaware of the ruling. It is concerning to see the inconsistency in her courtroom climate as well as her personal conduct as the presiding judge.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ663

“No obvious indication that this “judge” has even been to law school. Many discrepancies in our case, orders not signed, then when questioned this party was given a “punishment” for lack of better term. I tried to appeal a ruling, Appeals Court stated no true ruling w/out a valid signature, could not appeal YET. I brought this up at our “check-in” update hearing over the phone, and was “punished” for not following the original order. I do not wish to manipulate ANYTHING to change a court decision. I simply want to have it done legally.

When questions are raised, this judge is so blatantly disrespectful to one side and not the other. I can handle a court decision, what is wrong here is that this judge does not act normal. She changes her mind often, forgets what happened last hearing (doing her homework? NO)Complete impartiality-other side did not follow her orders for 5 months – NO consequences. My side tried to legally appeal an order, cannot because this judge did not complete the order correctly, then my side is punished for not following order? The law is the law, I am an educated woman also.

However, when you are dealing with someone who appears to have serious deficiencies r/t overall court proceedings, something should be done to have her removed from the bench. Now if this person sees my name on a complaint I am certain that I will suffer her wrath–but it is important to me for not only my case but anyone who is before her. PLEASE do whatever legally can be done to investigate this issue, I plead of whoever is in a position of authority over this issue.”

1 star Reviews of Judge Hyatt

Unspecified Commenter #AZ619

“As a Family Drug Court Judge, she is very biased and rude to the non-testing parent. Promoted the mother to Phase II but refuses to give the nontesting parent proof of mother being clean. As in Tasc reports and monthly summaries. You cannot request audio / visual tapes as they do not do that in Family Drug Court nor do they have a court reporter. She & the family drug court coordinator, Judge Gerald Porter recently gave the mother unsupervised visits! I am a 67 yr old concerned grandmother.”

1 star Reviews of Judge Hyatt

Unspecified Commenter #AZ607

“She does not belong on the bench. She is the judge in family drug court, and shows no respect for a non-testing party.”

1 star Reviews of Judge Hyatt

Criminal Defense Lawyer Commenter #AZ593

“I am shocked that this woman works as a judge — does she know anything about the law? I’m not an attorney, but I’m an educated person and I am disgusted with the fact that I spent so many hours preparing and it was obvious that she did not read anything that I submitted. Is there any type of recourse for decisions made by her that are ruining the integrity of our family? Any input would be welcome, as I am a wreck.

I have an appointment with my own doctor, and I have had continuous migraine and anxiety attacks since that day in court. It is so sad to prepare for and then wait anxiously for, a hearing, only to have her make rash decisions that are altering the future of my family.”

1 star Reviews of Judge Hyatt

Court Staff Commenter #AZ590

“After having been in front of this judge several times, I must rate her performance as being very poor. This is evident by the fact that this “trusted official” changes her opinion depending upon who is in the courtroom, and ignores evidence that is not presented properly, nor shared with all parties. We have to have a referee sometimes, and a judge should hold up the law, be non-biased, and consistent. I have not seen any of these traits in this judge.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Litigant Commenter #AZ438

“Totally fair to both sides. Totally informed. I was nervous when I read the comments here but they are so off the mark it’s shameful.”

Rare Positive Review of Judge Hyatt
Only positive judge Hyatt review found

Criminal Defense Lawyer Commenter #AZ136

“Not certain that Ms. Hyatt really went to law school or truly understands the law. When presented with the simplest facts and laws she has repeatedly either not evaluated on the law rather taken issues into her “scary” hands and made up her own law. She is not fit to judge. Believe that after reading the below something needs to be done about this judge.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ134

“Carey Hyatt [should] be immediately stripped of any power she possesses as she demonstrates daily, the innate inability to use reason, logic or critical thinking processes needed to make decisions. She is most definitely incompetent in every way, shape, and form. The worst part is that when she is repeatedly reprimanded, she retaliates on the person filing in a very unjust manner.

I can’t say enough about how poor this sorry excuse for a judge is and if you don’t believe me that power corrupts, just spend 30 minutes in her courtroom and I guarantee that your jaw will hit the floor with the things that she does daily. By far the most unprofessional, unjust, and uncontrollable loose cannon we have ever given the power to.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ114

“She only listened to one side of the story. She was insulting and unprofessional. She did not even take into consideration anything conciliation services had to say. She needs to be thrown out!”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Litigant Commenter #AZ113

“Judge Hyatt is incompetent and has a major temper problem. She is out of control!”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Private Civil Litigant Commenter #AZ112

“This Judge has some mental issues! You would think someone screen those judges before appointing them.

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ111

“Highly intelligent, focused, balanced, objective, open, and in charge with the development of the case within decent level of equally protective of both sides. Remarkable example of professionalism and personal conduct.”

Rare Positive Review of Judge Hyatt

Unspecified Commenter #AZ106

“Judge Carey Hyatt absolutely does not deserve to be reelected! Any relation between her court rulings and Arizona Law is coincidental. She is very biased and demonstrates unacceptable behavior towards people in her courtroom, including yelling and insulting them.

She is easily irritated, impatient, and displays an alarming amount of anger. The Arizona Commission of Judicial Conduct has already reprimanded her so clearly she is refusing to change. She is unable to conduct herself with the professionalism and dignity her position, as a court judge, requires.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ101

“Judge Carey Hyatt is very vindictive who has no regard to the Law! Has some temper problem! I am also reporting her to the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct and hope that this time she will get more then reprimand as she got recently. I hope that for the benefit of all parents the Commission will remove her permanently.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ096

“I found her to be very knowledgeable regarding my case, as I represent myself. She has been very fair, especially being a single mother with children, she has made very competent decisions regarding our case. I am very happy she is in charge of our case.”

Rare Positive Review of Judge Hyatt

Unspecified Commenter #AZ090

“I see the other people who write their comments all have similar things to say about how Judge Hyatt is incompetent and vindictive, with her decisions resulting in harm to the lives of children and families. I could never have imagined beforehand that I would have no chance of a fair trial in Judge Hyatt’s courtroom, as she generated minute entries and judgment from the authority of her own delusional version of laws and procedures that had nothing in common with actual rules and statutes.

I am appealing, and for the sake of other children and good parents who naively trust the system will protect them, I am also reporting her egregious conduct to the commission. I hope they will take action beyond asking her to apologize, like they did this past March, when she was found guilty of losing her temper, and threatening while yelling at a parent in her court.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Criminal Defense Lawyer Commenter #AZ083

“Multiple concerns in a family case with the fact that the judge did not take the time to read any of the paperwork prior to trial. This was supposed to be a continuous on-going investigation only to have the mother of the boyfriend who molested a child speak her case.

The judge obviously was biased and felt sorry for this parent who has not shown any concern for her eldest child who was molested by her boyfriend. This is just another reason why CPS gets such a bad rap in Arizona. They do their job only to have a judge say they did a “BAD” job protecting children.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Litigant Commenter #AZ075

“This judge has no regards to how she influences lives with a stroke of her pen. She takes sides and either gives you everything or is vengeful and gives you nothing. She does not pay attention to the law nor reasonable discussion. She punishes you if you dare challenge to try to explain a position she does not agree with. It is a true shame that someone like her is in control of family cases that affect children.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Criminal Defense Lawyer Commenter #AZ074

“This Judge is out of control. Has no respect for the law on top of it she is always angry. Often yelling at people, accused them of lying with no evidence to support it. Nonprofessional, and should go to temper management before allowed to judge other people. Going through her Court is like gambling. Either you will get everything you ask for, or lose everything and she will make sure you lose.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ043

“This judge obviously lacks knowledge in her department, which in this case is family law. She is unable to distiguish the parties involved. She mixes up names and/or forgets them. She is unable to control her temper and has little regard for professionalism.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Unspecified Commenter #AZ018

“Her judicial conduct and lack of etiquette and not even reviewing and acknowledging the facts brought before her in the pleadings is disgraceful. While on the family law bench she was in over her head and not willing to learn or grow in her position. She needs some internal guidance from the other judges, she is out of control.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

Private Civil Litigant Commenter #AZ004

“Based on more than one case: Limited knowledge of the law but her ego won’t let her acknowledge it. As a result, she refuses to even read pleadings which contradict her position and structures her subsequent rulings to punish the side challenging them. This judge is over her head in commercial litigation and is extremely vindictive.”

1 star Judge Hyatt reviews

But Wait, There’s MORE!

I know, I know. It seems like this article never ends and we haven’t even addressed the worst parts yet, but I guess that’s the point – that it never seems to end! And before we jump into the big question, we need to address yet another group of comments which have, unfortunately, disappeared almost entirely from public view.

While concluding their article about Carey Snyder Hyatt and why she must not be reelected, they also cite more negative commentary on Juge Hyatt. This time, from the now-defunct website Courthouse Forum. Sad to say, this once extensive site was not indexed as well as the previous website had been by the Wayback Machine.

It’s likely too much time has passed and that the files have become corrupted or that there were simply too many links to properly index. Therefore, despite the fact that we can use the tool to see her Hyatt’s name on the site (funny enough next to another travesty of a judge, the “Honorable” Judge John Rea), we cannot click on the link to verify and screenshot the reviews MSwim claims to cite.

However, considering the author’s previous digging and full accuracy in their information thus far, I think it’s at least fair to copy what MSwim included in the article and share it with you here.

Alleged Quoted Reviews from

Judge Hyatt makes orders that are manifestly unreasonable and exercised on untenable grounds for untenable reasons. Judge Hyatt’s fundamental error in judgment is the result of a combination of the Courts capricious abuse of discretion and her bias against pro-se litigants is clear. [She] favors crooked attorneys who perjure, manipulate evidence and use fraudulent schemes trickery) to deny pro-se litigants their of civil rights.

Judge Hyatt, herself, perpetuates child abuse through her consistent ex-parte meetings she encourages that give less than 24 hours notice to pro-se litigant and then makes default judgment in favor of Plantiff & Dirty Attorney. Hyatt allows the dirty attorney to abuse pro-se litigant through humiliation, ridicule, and slander in her courtroom. Judge Hyatt does not rule her courtroom, making arbitrary and erratic judgments to appease the dirty attorney who strokes her before and after hearings. Judge Hyatt is a disgrace to the Judicial System and should be dismissed for invoking child abuse, civil rights abuse and ethical misconduct!

This judge must be removed! She gave my ex who has been treated for suicide, is mentally depressed and bi-polar the ability to make medical decisions for my son. She denied the facts when presented with copies of paychecks and lowered his $100,000. salary and increased my $20,000. This gross error is costing me an additional 15% in child costs. She was reading her computer while I was giving my defense and not paying attention. She ignored the facts and twisted the story. Finally, she refused to modify her decision when presented with the facts. How can a judge look at a paycheck and say that is not the correct amount? Year to date is year to date!

This Judge needs urgent anger management clinic and has no business judging other, the evidence speak for themselves: State of Arizona COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT Disposition of Complaint 08-302 Complainant: Elizabeth Reeter No. Judge: Carey Hyatt No. ORDER After reviewing the complaint, the evidence gathered during preliminary investigation, and the judges response, the commission finds that the judges conduct in this case violated the Code of Judicial Conduct. Canon 3B(4) of the code requires that a judge be patient, dignified and courteous to litigants. During the hearing described in the complaint, the judge became angry with the complainant and told her to change her attitude, stating, I am the judge. She warned the complainant that she would not be able to present her evidence if her attitude did not change. This conduct is unacceptable even though the judge was apologetic about her conduct. The commission also considered that it had previously given the judge a private comment regarding her temper. Accordingly, the judge is hereby reprimanded for her conduct pursuant to Rule 17(a), and the record in this case, consisting of the complaint, the judges response, and this order, shall be made public as required by Rule 9(a).

If you or your client is a minority, GOOD LUCK!

She would look at my evidence She gave my ex everything & me nothing, she took all his hearsay, & I had evidence, she changed my income say I am able to make more & discussed with my ex about how much child support he thinks he can afford when he makes alot of money & has worked for his company for 20 yrs, & so he also only has to pay $200 amonth for 2 children, she didn’t care that I don’t have much work experiance, & I was a Stay at home mom for many years, & that I can not afford my to live she even took my food stamps in income, & I know she can not do that she said I don’t need much to live on & even cut my cost of living in half cause I share an apartment wiht my older son & His girlfreind & children saying he should pay half of all my bills including my cell phne, She doesn’t care that he isn’t paying for it any of it , everything about this judge is crazy. She makes up her own laws. And what is really sad is I don’t know much about how to file or do anything cause I have been sheltered from life.& Lawyers won’t help me cause I can’t afford to pay, I am living very poor while my ex has the house & toys etc. He can afford help & he gets to live well off, I don’t know but were is the justice for my children & myself? I am confused.

So, Did Judge Snyder “Retire” or Resign From Her Position?

Yup we’re finally here. I know it’s been a journey so far and we’ve finally arrived at the big question. After all of this information has now been presented to you about Judge Carey Hyatt, did she “retire” honorably as claimed, or was she forced to silently resign from her position due to the number of complaints lodged at her as well as scandals she may have found herself in? Let’s explore that, shall we?

According to the site, “Carey Snyder Hyatt is a former Maricopa County Superior Court judge and Commissioner who retired from the bench in 2015 after 20 years of service.” However, it is our view that she did not retire by choice. From what we can tell, Hyatt may have been removed from office due to possible involvement in covering up terrorist organizations’ involvement in the Child Protective Services scandal in Arizona. In other words, she claimed evidence was frivolous and was able to silence court witnesses who attempted to expose the injustices and crimes occurring in Arizona.

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